Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I've still got one more picture to figure out for today, but I've gone through the past 364 days worth of images, and put together some stats on my photos. The project has been a ton of fun over the year, enough so that I'm going to continue and do it again in 2014. There are definitely images that are part of this years project that are simply there to fill space. I needed something, and so it exists. And then there are other images that I truly love, that I don't know if they would have existed without this project.

Doing the project has taught me to look around all the time for things and moments to photograph. I've used some post processing, and all the images have been published with Instagram this year. Again, something I'll continue with next year. The biggest thing that tends to influence is the square form factor. Below is a screenshot from flickr of 88 of images from this years project, just to show the diversity of images that have been taken.

Some of the stats from this years project:

  • 79 images, 22% were some kind of outdoor/nature/landscape image
  • 78 images, 22% were family
  • 25 images, 7% were Disney related
  • 17 images, 5% were toys of some kind

2013 - 365 Compliation

365 Project Recap

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