Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Another year, another 364+1 photos created. Last year was my first year attempting the photo-a-day project, and since I liked it, I continued it again this year. I felt like the experience from last year definitely helped me get going much easier this year. Where last year, I struggled to remember many days in January and February, I didn't have that problem at all this year.

Similar to last year, many of the photos feature my family, friends, and activities that took place that day. One thing I really like using the photo of the day for is to document what happened that day. Which is why in some cases, there are so many family photos. Its nice to look back at the entire year and see the variety of things that I've done and been able to do.

Another thing that made it easier some weeks, was the use of throwback Thursday photos. This year, 20 of my photos used the #tbt concept. And some weeks, knowing that finding and old picture and re-post processing it is a nice feeling. Its a bit easier. It also gives me a chance to go back through some of my older photos and breath new life into them.

My intention is to keep going with the project into 2015 and let the collection of once a day photos continue to grow! Below is a screen shot of 162 of the images from this year.

2015 Photo Recap

365 Project Recap (2014 Edition)

Friday, October 24, 2014

Last weekend we went to a place with a great pumpkin patch, and an equally good corn maze. It the was the kids first time in a real corn maze. We did one last year, but it was really small, and didn't require much time or skill. This year, we tackled a legit corn maze, and it took us about an hour to make it through the maze. What was really interesting to Jenn and I was all the corn, still on the stalks. So of course I opened some up to see how they were looking in their decaying state.


Corn Maze

Monday, October 20, 2014

Its been months since I've posted on here. This is a macro/close-up picture I took of a pumpkin stem the other day at the pumpkin patch. I loved the detail in the pumpkin, all of its bumps and such. Our new iPhones have even better focus capabilities, making a picture like this easy to take. And while I liked the detail the bumps provided, Abbi did not. Telling us that they didn't look good, and therefore unacceptable.


Pumpkin Macro

Friday, March 21, 2014

A few weeks back Jenn and I purchased a new car. We bought the A4 I've been driving, the day before Abbi was born, so its always held a special place for us, and certainly served as a clear marker of both the cars age, and Abbi's. When we bought the A4, I hoped that at some later point I'd be able to trade it in, and use its value to upgrade to an A6. Then two weeks ago I got bug up my butt enough and we bought a new car. We got a 2014 A6, and its basically grey/blue. Depending on the light you'll see a different color. So far so good, I love the new car!



Wednesday, January 22, 2014

With the snow coming down yesterday and wind wipping it all around, I wanted to get a picture that somehow captured that. I had talked with Jenn earlier in the day, telling her I wanted to get some kind of picture, but I couldn't figure out what I wanted. Then when I went out to shovel, I noticed how easily you could see the swirling snow around the lightpole. So for this shot, I used my Nikon and the post processed it on the iPhone. Enjoy!

2014.21 #lateNightSnowfall

Windy Snowfall

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I've still got one more picture to figure out for today, but I've gone through the past 364 days worth of images, and put together some stats on my photos. The project has been a ton of fun over the year, enough so that I'm going to continue and do it again in 2014. There are definitely images that are part of this years project that are simply there to fill space. I needed something, and so it exists. And then there are other images that I truly love, that I don't know if they would have existed without this project.

Doing the project has taught me to look around all the time for things and moments to photograph. I've used some post processing, and all the images have been published with Instagram this year. Again, something I'll continue with next year. The biggest thing that tends to influence is the square form factor. Below is a screenshot from flickr of 88 of images from this years project, just to show the diversity of images that have been taken.

Some of the stats from this years project:

  • 79 images, 22% were some kind of outdoor/nature/landscape image
  • 78 images, 22% were family
  • 25 images, 7% were Disney related
  • 17 images, 5% were toys of some kind

2013 - 365 Compliation

365 Project Recap

Friday, December 13, 2013

Happy Birthday to my wonderful wife! Jenn and Abbi went to see Disney Junior LIVE! last week and before they headed out I took a few pictures of them all dressed up for their night out.


Happy Birthday